11:00 AM -        LITTLE VEGAN CHEFS "Cooking Demonstration"

                                                      12:00 NOON -   DR. JAMES MARCUM  "Boosting the Immune System"

                                                      1:00 PM -          FELICIA SLATTERY "Cooking Demonstration"

                                                      2:00 PM -          DR. EUGENE RUNNE "The Good, The Bad and the Answer"

                                                      3:00 PM -          LARRY CRAIN TN WATER  "Wake Up Refreshed with Quality water"

Little Vegan Cooks / Cooking With Sammy.

Sammy, Sarah and Abby are loved as little vegan cooks on Facebook and YouTube. With thousands of viewers on social media, these adorable chefs will entertain and inspire you as they demonstrate a recipe. Samples of the recipe will be shared with attendees. 

Dr. James Marcum MD


As one of the few independent health evangelism ministries in North America, Heartwise is honored to present viewers with a message truth, love, and healing to audiences around the world. Our speaker and director, Dr. James L. Marcum, is a board-certified cardiologist practicing with Chattanooga Heart Institute, and has been named by USA Today as one of the most influential physicians in his field. He is the author of The Ultimate Prescription and Medicines That Kill, as well as an in-demand speaker for his role as the director of Heartwise Ministries. Currently, his radio program, Heartwise, airs on more than 400 radio stations across the nation. Dr. Marcum also hosts the health program The Heart of Health Live!, which can be seen on secular and Christian television. He is married to Sonya and has two children, Kelli, and Jake. He enjoys music and outdoor activities.

Dr. James L. Marcum 
Author / Speaker / Host


Felicia Slattery

Why I Eat & Cook Plant-Based

During my 20s in the mid-1990s, living alone for the first time, I was free to make my own food choices. After learning about the many health problems associated with consuming dairy products, I quit eating dairy, and within weeks had relief from lifelong seasonal allergies.

Then in 2012, I had a life-changing diagnosis. At only age 42 I heard the words no person ever wants to hear, “You have lung cancer.” With no history of smoking, living with smokers, or working in or near asbestos or radon, my doctors were puzzled as to how I could have lung cancer, but they didn’t care much. Their job was to treat the disease and save my life.

I was cured through surgery and a medical miracle, but the question of how I came to have lung cancer was never answered. However, my experience owning a business taught me one thing was true: if I kept doing what I had been doing, I would keep getting the results I got. Something had to change – and I decided to start with what I put into my body.

That led to years of experimenting with various diets including eating gluten free, keto, and more, resulting in multiple and uncomfortable digestive problems. As my gut health continued to deteriorate and my weight climbed, in 2019, I made an appointment with a naturopathic doctor who suggested to me that I try eating a plant-based diet to heal my gut. Watching several popular documentaries taught me the basics of eating a whole food plant-based diet, and I have enjoyed the benefits of this way of eating ever since.

Felicia Slattery

Author / Speaker