Healthy Taste of Knoxville is sponsored and funded by Knoxville First Seventh-day Adventist church, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The mission of the Healthy Taste of Knoxville is to demonstrate God's love by promoting whole person health principles to our members and the community at large, assisting people from all ages, genders and ethnicities in reaching their full potential for wholeness and a productive, abundant life. This fair however, though sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist church IS NOT a religious event. *** We provide this fair in cooperation with other organizations, such as PlantPure Nation, Eating You Alive, Forks Over Knives, What the Health, The Vegan Society, The Vegetarian Society, Mercy for Animals, Heartwise Ministries and more. To see a more complete list of vendors, please visit or vendors page


Seventh-day Adventists believe that although human beings are the pinnacle of creation, all creatures are the handiwork of God and thus are deserving of our esteem and protection. Safeguarding God's creation includes esteem for the diversity and ecological balance of the natural world with it's countless species of living creatures. (


People everywhere are interested in health, and it is our honor, as the Knoxville First Seventh-day Adventist church, to sponsor the Healthy Taste of Knoxville. Our health message is far more than eating veggie burgers, conducting reversing diabetes classes, cooking classes or smoking cessation classes. The Seventh-day Adventist health message is a compelling and urgent invitation to unite with God, our Creator, Redeemer and Healer. ***               Click here for Ten years of life: Is it a matter of choice?


In addition to the Healthy Taste of Knoxville, we invite you to join one or all of our community activities, such as our weekly walking group, our total plant based cooking classes - (vegan), our 24 hour a day television broadcast* available over the air free of charge to the Knoxville area (channel 14**), and other special health related events throughout the year.


*The television network is a Seventh-day Adventist owned network but is not owned by the Knoxville First Seventh-day Adventist church.

**The Knoxville First Seventh-day Adventist church has made the HD digital signal available to anyone within the Knoxville area having a digital TV (flat screen). It is available free of charge over the air on channel 14.

***While the church will have it's own booth at the fair, the primary displays will be from local commercial vendors. This is NOT an attempt to force a religious belief or otherwise coerce anyone to join the Seventh-day Adventist church. This is a HEALTH FAIR!



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